Dongguan Teilian Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, is a high-tech company committed to robot integration application and peripheral non-standard equipment research and development.

Improve customer automation production efficiency and solve production pain points for our own responsibility

We've been working on it

Dongguan automation industry regulation enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprise of science and technology in Dongguan

Dongguan collaborative doubling pilot enterprise

National high-tech Enterprise (Torch Plan)

Thermos cup industry intelligent manufacturing equipment leading enterprise


Mature and perfect automation equipment solutions, so that automated production is no longer difficult


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Our product advantage

Technical assurance

We have the whole process of core technology, can ensure the ability to provide full technical support and service; The core parts purchase the best products in the industry to ensure quality.

Team guarantee

The company has established a rapid response ability, can provide customers with quality solutions, technical advice and after-sales service team.

Organizational assurance

When customers encounter problems, the sales engineer shall be responsible for the full follow-up, and all departments shall cooperate with each other throughout the whole process to ensure the rapid response and timely service of customers when they need service.

Management assurance

Take technical service as an essential responsibility of after-sales service for sales personnel, sales personnel also need to have the ability of simple technical consultation and service, and include it in performance assessment.

Capability assurance

The company has been constantly training sales engineers and after-sales service staff to improve their ability to solve customer problems.

Institutional guarantee

The company has established a perfect incentive system for technical support and after-sales service personnel, and implemented rewards and penalties to improve everyone's enthusiasm for improving service.



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